Thursday, April 21, 2011


Just got home from my morning weigh-in - and I lost another 4.7 pounds last week. 
Have you ever been on a long trip and all of a sudden realized. "I need a rest stop!"?  I believe that is where I was last week when I lost only .4 pounds - a rest stop on my journey.  Happily, I am at a point in the program that I know it works, so if I lose a little less - or a little more - than the previous week, I can take it in stride.  It isn't a reason to get all down on either the program or on myself.   I made it to my goal of losing an additional 30 pounds by the time we leave for Vegas.  Yup, I did it!  In fact, I lost 2 extra pounds to make sure that it was a real accomplishment.
My next goal?  Another 25 pounds by Father's Day.   That's eight weeks - that should be easy!  I will decide along the way if I should add another 10 pounds to that goal. 
"Everyone who got where he is has had to begin where he was."   - Robert Louis Stevenson
I love the quotes that Bob finds for me to share with you.  Thank you, Hon, for being so supportive along this road. 
"Everyone who got where he is has had to begin where he was."  Gosh, how true is that? 
I was asked to speak at an Ideal Protein orientation meeting for prospective and new members this week.  It was fun!  I haven't spoken to a group of people for years and had forgotten how enabling it is.  My only hope is that the people in the audience are able to make the leap from the status quo to the uncertainties that accompany a new weight loss program.
Most of the people in the audience are just like me.  They have a lot of weight to lose.  They have the normal anxieties that result from beginning a new program.  Most have tried other programs.
 Can I give up fruit?  Can I eat all those vegetables?  Can I pass up all the goodies that Aunt Susie will be serving at our family get together next week?  Can I afford the cost?  Will I insult the ladies in my group if I pass up the treats they prepare for our weekly meeting? 
I hope that by sharing my experiences with them, they will see that it can be done. 
Now - here we go!  On the road again!  This week, we will travel to Las Vegas, following a stop in Montana to visit each of our mothers and our families.  Eating while traveling presents some unique challenges, but I have learned to adjust to whatever obstacles present themselves. 
If I post next week, it will be without a weigh-in since we will be out of town. 


  1. Speaking now! Good for you. They need to see where they can be if they latch on to that diet with teeth and claws like you did.

  2. I'm one of your biggest fans!!!!!! Keep up the good work Peggy...we love you