Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have heard this question posed from many different people at different times since I began this journey.  I have analyzed that, myself, and can offer some insight into my motivation.  I must admit that losing between 3 and 5 pounds a week is a motivator in itself.  The program is very strict, but the rewards are immediate and noticeable. 

Motivation can be learned - I believe that I have trained myself to remain motivated.  I spend a lot of time online reading quotes about self improvement, positive attitude, love - anything positive.  I decided to share some of those quotes with you this week as my post.  It is amazing the number of quotes that you can find, and almost always one to fit the situation in which you find yourself. 

"What we call despair is often only the painful eagerness of unfed hope." George Elliot
First, I felt such total despair.  I didn't like myself.  Although, my family loved me, and I knew that to be true, I had such disgust for myself that I constantly questioned why anyone would love someone as grotesque as I had become. 

Somewhere in the depths of my painful existence was the desire to change.  It was buried deep, but it was there.  All I had to do was to find it.  Once I had the desire, I had to find a plan that would allow me to act upon that desire and would assist me in changing the habits that I had developed over the past 20+ years of my life.  The plan, for me, was the Ideal Protein diet program. 
Secondly, I saw enough people who had experienced life changing results that I knew the plan worked.  All I had to do was to implement it.
"It's so hard when I have to, and so easy when I want to."  ~Annie Gottlier
At first, it was difficult.  I relayed in my first post the experience that we had when Bob ordered macaroni and cheese for lunch and I sat eating my pea pods and broccoli.   We visited Montana during the first month that I was on program.  My mother told me that she thought it would be impossible to stick to any diet that was so restrictive.  But, for some reason, I was committed to succeeding in this venture, and I plugged along with determination.  And, again, I knew it would work because I could see the results in the people who had been on program for longer than I. 
I convinced myself that I could do anything for one minute.  And, when  that minute passed, the next minute was my challenge.  Eventually, I stopped thinking in minutes and progressed to hours, days, weeks, and now - months.  The weekly weigh-ins help to further the intensity of my commitment. 
"At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.  Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us." Albert Schweitzer (1875 - 1965)

Thirdly, I have a phenomenal support group.  Each of you, with your comments and good will, helps me stay on track.  It has become easier as time goes on.  Bob has joined the 'quote' band wagon, and every once in awhile, I open my e-mail and there is something he has found, that he shares with me - along with a little note, "I thought you might be able to use this one."  No longer are people telling me that "no one could stick to a program that restrictive", but they are excited for me to succeed.  This isn't something that someone has held a gun to my head and told me that I had to do this.  I want to do it and as a result, it is easy to stay on track.  I remember telling my mother that 'maybe I can't go to the entire distance, but if I quit today, I am still that much healthier than I was a month ago'. 

It's actually kind of fun.  I am realizing so many things about myself.  Along with my changing body, a new me has evolved.  Not just physically, but emotionally, too.  I actually like myself. 
"I may never know the meaning of life, but once my child was born, I felt my life had meaning!"  Darren Madden
I could change that quote just a little, and say that once I was (re)born, I felt my life had meaning.  Because, I actually feel as though I have been reborn.

Stay tuned!  We are on the downhill grade.


  1. eating has become fun with you.

  2. Lots of great quotes - but i love Dad's comment. I remember that one of the big excuses you had for not losing weight is that you and dad love to eat together. And now - look at one dad said... he's having fun eating with you now! I love it!

    I'm so glad that you now see what the rest of us have seen all along. You are an amazing wonderful woman so worthy of love. I love you Mom!