Thursday, March 24, 2011


Life is just getting better!  Just went to weigh-in, and lost another 4.6 pounds for a total of 112.8.  My destination is on the horizon.    My first blog post was after losing 73 pounds, and I have less than that now to reach my goal. 
We had a wonderful time in Lincoln City - and, YES!  I did walk on the beach.  Not far - and not fast, but I was able to enjoy the moment. 
I have become more observant - and, I suppose, a bit judgmental.  I notice people more, and try to determine why they are how they are.  Sitting in Starbucks the other day, I couldn't help but hear parts of the conversation between the two women sitting beside us.  One was very thin - to the point of being  skinny.  The other was at least 50 pounds overweight.  They were discussing their eating habits, and what they do to manage their weight.
1.  I don't think a heavy person should ever listen to a very thin person tell them how to manage their weight.  It is metabolism - pure and simple.  And, it's not helpful.  It's depressing.  That heavy person will never be able to eat what that thin person eats, nor will she ever be able to exercise the same.  She can do things to improve her health and she can manage her weight, but not in the same way that thin person does.
2.  If you do listen, take what she says with a "grain of salt".  You are not her!  You can manage your weight, but not in the same way she does.  Conversely, she could do the same things you do, and probably never get heavy. 
As I sat listening to the conversation, I just wanted to go over to the table and share my story with the heavy lady.  I wanted to tell her, "There is a way to maintain a healthy weight, but you have to commit to yourself that you will make the adjustments necessary to achieve that." 
As they got up to leave, the heavy lady parted with the words, "I just can't seem to find a diet that works for me!".  And, she picked up her chocolate cupcake laden with cream cheese icing and left the store.
I felt so bad for her.  I have been there.  I remember one day in particular. A number of years ago as I was rushing between appointments, I needed something to pick me up.  I always loved those Symphony chocolate bars - the ones with the milk chocolate filled with little pieces of praline (or whatever).  I ran into Pay 'n' Save and headed for the candy aisle.  I picked up, not one - but two, Symphony bars.  Not a normal sized bar, but the large 1-pound sized bars.  And, I headed for the check stand.  On my way out, I passed a HUGE woman who also had a handful of huge candy bars.  It struck me then - if I eat these candy bars, I will look just like her!  I put the candy bars back and left empty handed.  At least, at that moment sanity prevailed.
Knowing something, and acting wisely, does not always go together. 
That is why I feel so much satisfaction with the progress I have made.  Not just the weight loss, but the change in my attitude and in my habits.  And, I have each of you to thank for helping me with my commitment.  As Toni has mentioned, the blog is very therapeutic for me.  I helps keep me focused.  And each of you is very important to my progress - I feel so blessed to have the support and encouragement of all my friends.  Thanks, All!
What's next?  A weekend at home getting the yard ready for SPRING!  YAY!  Then off to Elko to pick Jack up for our hectic trip to Tahoe and Berkeley.  It is difficult to remain 'on program' when I am surrounded by so many delectable foods, but so far I have been able to resist the temptations and stay focused.

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  1. Way to GO!! I just started at Vista on the program, this is my 3rd weight-in day today. I have alot to lose too. Your blog is inspiring!

    Suzan B