Thursday, May 19, 2011



I just returned from my weekly weigh-in. I lost another 5 pounds this week. I was concerned about only losing 1 pound last week, but I realize that if I stick to the program, good things happen. And, I am so excited! I was asked to become a counselor for the program, starting a few hours a week in September. I am so excited, I could burst! No one is a more committed cheerleader to this program than I.


Another week of firsts! My life has taken on new meaning - being able to function like a 'normal' person is so gratifying, that I cannot find the words to describe the feeling!

We danced!

As a child, I loved going to the old country dances in our community hall. There was a band playing all of the old country tunes (they were new country tunes then) that I learned to love. As the night waned on, only the die-hard stragglers remained, dancing the night away. Well, on Friday night, we were those stragglers. The only ones left on the dance floor for the last song.
I haven't danced all night for many, many years. When your body carries an additional 180 pounds, it is difficult to walk, much less dance. I can only imagine what I will be able to do when I shed this additional 41 pounds!

The lady sitting across the table leaned across and said to me, "You and your husband are so cute - are you newlyweds?"

I laughed and responded, "Yes, for the last 46 years!"

However, Bob responded with, "Well, it is almost like being newlyweds - we are able to do so many things now, it is almost the same!"

" The breath is the voice of the Soul. The heartbeat is the sacred rhythm. The combination of these two sing the songs of life."


I planted flowers, weeded the beds, packed the old clippings to the garbage. When I sat, it was from exhaustion due to activity - not because I was too heavy to do anything but sit. Our courtyard is truly a sanctuary. It is developing into the beautiful area that we envisioned. And, I am able to contribute to the progress.


Yes, I actually went to the mall. I have avoided the mall for years - it was just too difficult to walk around shopping. I shopped exclusively on-line. It was so much easier to sit at my computer and push a button than it is to walk from the car to a store and actually shop. But, best of all? I went into a normal store, and purchased clothing without an "X" attached to the size. Coldwater Creek - watch out! I am planning to spend a lot of time there as I get closer to my goal weight.

"What a glorious day! No matter where you are or what the weather.. Enjoy the fact that you are ALIVE!" Positively Positive


  1. I love Cold Water Creek and I can't really shop there yet. Congratulations.

  2. I'm so happy you will be a consultant - you will be great at it!