Thursday, June 9, 2011



Another productive week come and gone - a weight loss of almost 5 pounds this week. I have come to realize that when I have a small loss one week, it is usually followed by a much larger loss the following week. And, for the first time in our married lives, I actually weigh less than my husband. Life is good!

"The vision to see, the faith to believe, and the will to do will take you anywhere you want to go.” PosPositive:

I have begun pampering myself. I have some makeup now - I have never been one to use much makeup, but I have started experimenting with it a little. I have gone to Coldwater Creek and purchased some articles of clothing that I love. I have started shopping at nicer online sites. And, Bob is a little to blame for this, also. When I find something I love, but it is more expensive than I am used to, he is the first to say, "You deserve to buy things you really like and that make you feel good - you look good and you should dress in a way that makes you feel good - you have worked hard to achieve the new you, and this is your reward!". By the way, I truly love that man - have I mentioned that?

Well, anyway, this week, Bob had a job to do in Oregon so he had taken off and I was alone in the house. So, I decided I would pamper myself by taking a bath in our soaker tub that is in the main bathroom.

Now, I have to interject some facts about this tub. First, I designed our house and gave a lot of thought to every aspect of each room. And, the soaker tub was no different. We are all tall people, so I wanted a tub that we could stretch out in - one that your knees were not bent when you were laying with your back against the back of the tub. I also made sure that our tub had a slanted back - didn't want any 90° angles to hamper your stretching out in this tub. And, the salesman convinced us that a tub with air blowers was superior to one with jets because you cannot use bubble bath or oils with the jets. So, I have a 7' long tub - with a slanted back - with air blowers instead of jets. PERFECT! But! I have been afraid to use this tub because I was not sure I could get out of it once I got into it - so, it has been reserved for company - until now.

I am stronger! I am lighter! I can lift my weight by my arms! So, I ventured into the guest bathroom and eyed the tub. Now, I never go into this bathroom although it is only a few steps from our room. There just isn't any need. So, the first discovery was that the toilet in that bathroom sports a lovely padded infant seat - complete with Sesame Street characters adorning the surface. And, the bag at the end of the tub? Full of little plastic bath toys. I laughed at the fact that Toni and family were here at Thanksgiving and that I had not been in the bathroom before this.

Now, I started filling the tub. And, I went to my supply of bath oils and bubble bath and found a packet. The directions said to empty the packet into the running water, which I did, and watched as the bubbles began to form. One thing that I failed to mention about this tub is that there is a handle on either side of the tub. I hadn't given them much thought, but I was about to. On our old mini, there is a handle on the door that is referred to as the "OH SH**!" handle. It is placed there so the passenger has something to grab when the driver is taking the turns in the road at breakneck speeds. All the while, yelling, "OH, SH**!"

Back to my bath! I was going to submit my entire essence to 30 minutes of total relaxation. I sat on the edge of the tub and put - first my left foot in - and then turned the rest of the way and put my right foot in. I then lowered the rest of my body into the water. AND - SWOOSH! My entire body, including my head was under water and under bubbles. I never expected it to be so slippery! About then, I was wishing that the end of the tub was closer. When I finally recovered, I realized that the handles on the sides of the tub are the "OH SH**!!" handles for this bathtub. Okay, so now I know what to expect! I settled into the tub, made myself comfortable, and turned on the air. Before you could say, "Bubbles!" those bubbles expanded. They were reaching heights that were unimaginable. They were about 4 - 5 feet above the top of the tub. All I could do is try to bat them back into the tub. The air is on a timer, and in my confusion, I could not for the life of me figure out how to turn it off. They were in my eyes - my nose - my ears! I had to keep constantly blowing them out of my mouth. Finally, the air turned off and I was ready to be done. Now, all I had to figure out was how to get out of this tub. I was so slippery - and the tub was so slippery - that it wasn't as simple as lifting myself out. I could picture having to stay there until Bob got home the next day to rescue me, but I discovered that if I turned sideways, and used the side of the tub as a foot hold, I could push and pull myself out. I was really relieved to finally get of the tub and get my feet on solid ground again. Relaxing? Not very! Hilarious? You betcha!

" Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections" PosPositive:

Or..."Look for the humor in all situations - it might keep you from drowning!" Me

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  1. Love it!

    The toilet ring was still on the toilet?? Funny! And yes, that tub is VERY slippery.

    Did the bubble "dryer" mode come back on while you were still in the tub and scare you so bad that you ran down the hallway screaming? ;)

    And - LOVE that you weigh less than Dad. That will NEVER happen in my marriage. At least not while Michael and I are both healthy. 140 would not be a good look on me.