Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I have nothing to report as far as weight this week because my weigh in is tomorrow, and I will be on the road. I dabble with poetry just a little, so instead of my regular weekly update, I am going to share with you the poem that I wrote after last year's camping trip. Based on a true story, of course.

The annual campout breakfast

It's that time of year - the time has come
to meet in the mountains - each and every one
just like the old timers we will gather there
and live off the land so that we are aware
of the hardships they faced each and every day
and the small children would be shown the way.

Many would bring their homes on wheels
with generators that would cook the meals
but not us!
We pitch our tent along the brook
and o'er the campfire, we will cook.

Bob, Me, Rob and Deb and their two grandkids
are the first to arrive
just trying to prove that we can survive
better than all the rest,
that we are tough - up to the test.

Now, we have all the finer things - gas grills,
griddles, generators and all the frills,
but everyone knows the breakfast all will desire
is the one cooked in a Dutch oven o'er the campfire.

Finally, the coals are hot
some beneath, and some on top.
Do we use butter - or oil? Deb asked me
A little of each I replied with authority.

She brought the oil - I added butter to the pan
sausage first, then spuds, eggs and cheese was the plan.
Meanwhile, the coffee began to brew
and we all knew
breakfast would be ready soon
hopefully sometime before noon.

Ahhh! Finally, the time had come
We brought our plates and filled each with some.
Mmmmmnnn! Delicious! Or, maybe not!
Something had gone wrong - we knew not what.

It wasn't that good
but everyone knew that we should
eat it all up - don't mess with the cook.
But on each one's face was a funny look.

Except Cassie! Nana, I just don't like the taste!
You eat every bite - this food we will not waste.

Well, we made it through breakfast and got ready to meet the day
Each of us going our own separate way
Rob and Deb took the kids to town
And we met each new camper as they settled down.

When Rob and Deb got back from their trip
She came directly to me - and I noticed her lip
was trembling as she began to speak
first the words came slowly - tears rolling down her cheek

Mama! All day I've been thinking about the breakfast mess
and I figured out what happened, and I have to confess.
I could not change what I had done - I could only hope...
But, the oil I gave you? It was really dish soap!

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