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Yes, it was a difficult time to stay on program. I have said that I no longer crave chocolate - which is true! However, after passing up Alice's brownies at least twice, I broke down and had one! DELICIOUS! No, chocolate is still not a "safe" food. I think I stayed on program about 75% of the time, and still enjoyed some of the favorites that were being served. And, I lost a little over 2 pounds in the two-week period. I am getting so close to my goal! Only 15 more pounds! I have mixed feelings about reaching that final weight. Some of the protein supplements are so good that I am really going to miss them.

Camping! We used to camp a lot when we were younger and that was the only form of entertainment we could afford. Now, we camp once a year - in the mountains south of Butte, Montana. This was the 3rd Annual Stratton Campout.

Bob grew up in those mountains, and they define who he is. And, the year we courted before our marriage was spent in those mountains. Last year, I dreaded having to go to the campout. Sleeping in a tent was torture! Rolling off the air mattress and trying to stand up to walk outside to the porta potty was a monumental task.

"Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise." ~George Washington Carver

This year was different. Shedding 163 pounds has made me into a new person. I was so excited looking forward to our camping trip. I planned and planned, packed, shopped. All in anticipation of spending 4 days in the mountains. Bob laughed at me, "You are planning this thing to death!" he told me a couple of days before we left.

"How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains!" ~John Muir

Bob and I are usually the first to wake up, which means that we enjoy the silence of the morning dawn together.

Our campsite has a central firepit, which is a fantastic firepit. Bob stoked up the fire and got the flames going, and then we sit with each other enjoying the solitude and glory of the morning sunrise. The pot of coffee begins to bubble on the grate over the fire, and eventually the others join us around the fire. There is no cell service there, so we are able to talk and converse like real people. And, amazingly enough, we all manage without them.

"The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful." ~e.e. cummings

The kids love the camping experience. There are 8 kids - ages 7 to 15. The little ones spend hours playing in the little stream that runs through the campsite. This year, they built a teepee - they had some twine and found limbs and lashed them together. They were covered in mud - the socks and shoes may never be the same again. It is amazing to me that they don't see each other for a year, but as soon as they pull into camp, the doors all swing open, and they are off together having a wonderful time. No shyness or bickering - just a love of the great outdoors.

This year, I took hats and lots of decorations so they were able to decorate hats - not only for themselves, but for anyone who wanted one. They are very creative and artistic. We had some beautiful head wear at camp.

No matter how long we have traveled on the wrong road, we can always turn around.""PosPositive:

I was able to do anything I wanted this year. No longer encumbered by 163 extra pounds, I loved being there. I loved being with family and friends, and making new friends. I loved being able to stand and cook a meal in my Dutch ovens. I loved sleeping in our tent. Each thing I did was like a new experience - I actually believe I could feel the excitement known by a child as he takes his first steps.
Bob and I went for some long rides on the 4-wheeler. Last year, I was unable to fit on the seat behind him, but this year we were able to enjoy the rides together.

We hiked up the mountain near the campsite. Not all the way to the top, but it was a great first step - and not only was I able to go up, but coming back down didn't hurt my knees.

I cannot tell you how many times I heard the words, "Peggy? I didn't recognize you!"

I can't wait for next year! The drive home is long and tedious and I had lots of time to think of things to do next year.

"Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet, cherish it." - Unknown PosPositive:

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  1. You certainly are enjoying life more. I don't think I could take tent camping. Too much of my life has gone past without it.