Sunday, September 18, 2011

MILEPOST 182 - "LUCKY 13!"


13 is my new lucky number.

Thirteen months ago, I made a decision. I committed my life to the Ideal Protein weight loss program.

Thirteen months ago, I weighed over 350 pounds. Thirteen months ago, I could not squeeze my body into a normal size toilet stall in a public restroom. Thirteen months ago, I lived on Rolaids to control the terrible indigestion and acid reflux that had become a normal part of my life. Thirteen months ago, I could not close the bath sheet I used as a towel around my body. Thirteen months ago, I controlled my diabetes with oral medications and injections. Thirteen months ago, I snored so loudly that Bob would have to leave the room in order to get any sleep. Thirteen months ago, I used my handicap parking sticker to park as close as possible to the entry of any building, since I could not walk any distance without becoming winded. Thirteen months ago, I wore size 4X or 5X clothing. Thirteen months ago, I was depressed – dependent – and disgusted with myself and with my life. And, thirteen months ago, my husband was ashamed to be seen with me!

“Pause for a moment. Breathe in slowly and deeply. Hold it for a few seconds, then slowly release. Feel the miracle of your breath. Say thanks!” PosPositive

Today, I have met my goal weight of 170 pounds. (168.4) Today, I can fit into any stall, any booth at any restaurant, and any chair with arms . Today, I don’t even know where the Rolaids are – I have not had indigestion since beginning the program. Today, I can wrap a normal sized towel around my body, and there are no gaps. Today, I have eliminated all but one of my diabetes medications, and that one has been reduced from four pills a day to one – my blood sugar level is an average of 86. Today, I no longer snore, and when I awake during the night, my husband is right there next to me. Today, I can walk from any parking spot to the mall – and I enjoy doing it. Today, I wear a size 10 or 12. Today, I am strong, independent, and embracing life with enthusiasm and excitement. And, yes! TODAY, MY HUSBAND IS PROUD TO BE SEEN WITH ME AT HIS SIDE!

I knew I was getting close! I knew that today could be the day! I started the day like any other day – Bob was working out of town, so I made my call to him at 5:30 a.m. I got up and made coffee. I visited with Toni via SKYPE on the computer. I showered and dressed and then went to my weekly weigh-in. I wasn’t sure just what to expect, since I had changed to Phase 2 of the program only 2 weeks ago. I was eating differently, and we had made a trip to Montana, and had spent a couple nights working in Idaho with Rob. I have been pretty successful in managing my diet while on the road, because we are on the road a lot, so it has been necessary.

I stepped on the scale and watched as it approached my new weight. It stopped at 168! I was overwhelmed. I told Misty (my coach for the day). “I think I am going to cry!” And, cry I did! I immediately sent a text to Toni and Bob with the news. As I left the weigh-in room, all of the staff who has been so supportive of me throughout this journey was anxiously awaiting my news! Did I – or didn’t I? They could tell by my face that I had made it! The entire office was sharing tears and hugs. Even my doctor – who has been nothing but professional – gave me a big hug and had tears in his eyes.


I had concentrated so hard on the journey, that I failed to plan what to do once I got there. I will be on Phase 3 of the program for 14 days, then will go into the maintenance phase, which I will have to follow for the rest of my life. The challenge is to manage my diet so that I don’t continue to lose weight, but also refrain from gaining.

I also reached another conclusion. Although this part of my journey is over, my entire life is a journey. As with any road trip, once you reach your destination, you don’t just stop there. There are museums to explore. There are parks, monuments, restaurants – all there for you to discover. There are new people who enter your life – those who leave footprints on your soul.

“The best angle from which to approach any problem is the ‘Try’ Angle.” Unknown

This will be my final post to this blog. I will be facing new and different challenges from this point forward. I will have to learn to maintain the new me. As I mentioned before, I have a lot of extra skin now that I will have to decide what to do with. I will be seeking new activities that will keep me active and entertained at the same time. And, it will have to be something other than shopping – which I have discovered that I do enjoy although for the past number of years, I have convinced myself that I did not.

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning." - Albert Einstein

I have had such positive responses to this weekly update that I have decided to create a new blog that will deal with the new challenges that one faces after losing a lot of pounds. I don’t know what the new blog will consist of, because this is new and uncharted territory. I will need some help from you – my faithful followers – to help me come up with a fitting title for the new blog. One that will relate to maintaining the new me, while referring back to the weight loss. I am kind of leaning towards, "My better half - life following weight loss". What do you think?

There were times during my blogging, that I was a little disappointed that the original post is buried somewhere deep in the bottom of the blog. But, during this journey, I have discovered that my life, like the blog, is today. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is in the future. I must live for today, and face each new challenge on a daily basis.

“We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey”- Kenji Miyazawa

Some of the things I have shared with you are of an extremely personal nature. Some were happy and some were painful. I was not sure that I could share some of those details, but I found it to be a very therapeutic approach to overcoming some of the problems associated with weight loss. Your comments and insight have helped me along the road, and I cannot tell you how much I have appreciated your support and love.

“We cannot control the wind, but we can control our sail as it catches the wind.” PosPositive


  1. Please leave the blog up. I think it has the ability to inspire others as well.

    Congratulations on having the grit and determination to do it.

  2. You are truly amazing! Congratulations! You are an inspiration.

  3. Wow - I don't know you, but CONGRATS! What an incredible accomplishment! I work in the nutrition field and I know the work, sweat and tears that go into such an awesome life change. You're amazing!