Thursday, January 27, 2011


Another week - and another 3.2 pounds.  I feel like I will reach that point where my weight loss slows down and/or plateaus.  How will I handle that?  I talked with Brenda about it this morning, and she did concur.  She said that I am almost halfway to my destination, and that is where most people experience a week or two of coasting.  If I relate it to my road journey, I will have to just consider it a "rest stop".  But, so far, so good.  I know there are challenges coming up.  Summer!  The time of festivals, fairs, picnics - you name it!  All centered around food.  One day at a time - one step at a time. 


Have you ever noticed that everywhere you go, the theme is food?  Or, maybe it just seems that way to me because for so many years, food was the focal point of my existence. 

We have been season ticket holders since 'year one' for the Tri City Americans - our local WHL hockey team.  So, our habits have had over 20 years to develop - and only a few months to change.  The concourse is filled with food vendors - offering those delectable tidbits that add to the inches that have accumulated around my body.

For years, we have rushed to the game early so that we could have our dinner there.  Directly beneath our seats, the booth offering chicken strips and French fries calls to us as we walk by towards our seats.  Between the door and our seats, we pass by the booth offering buckets of donut rings smothered in chocolate, caramel, or cream cheese icing - or a combination of all the above.  The Asian booth, with the sweet and sour dressings sends its enticing odors throughout the concourse.  And, the Baskin Robbins ice cream stand is right around the corner - they even have pralines and cream - my favorite.  And, the Mexican booth - with guacamole, chips - sour cream.  You get the picture - we would first have our dinner - usually chicken strips, or the Mexican dinner plate - and then follow it up with a tray of nachos covered in melted cheese at the beginning of the third period.   

Every April, we attend the 3-day festival at the fairgrounds featuring cowboy poetry and country music.  And, the chuck wagon offers - baked beans, fried chicken, corn bread.  Not exactly diet foods.  And, of course, the county fair - with elephant ears, corn on the cob smothered in melted butter, jumbo cookies - all foods that pack on the pounds.

I am very confident now when going to a restaurant that I will be able to find - or create - foods from their menu that are healthy choices.  We have mastered the hockey games by eating our healthy meal at home before heading to the games - and having a diet coke to sip during the game.  But, the fairs and gatherings?  Our first gathering since beginning program is approaching in April - and I am already trying to determine how to handle all the temptations that I am sure will be taunting me.  It isn't fair to expect Bob to give up those fair delicacies just because I cannot participate.  If anyone out there has any suggestions, please send them my way.  I am open to benefiting from your experience.  And, I will report after the gathering my approach to the weekend.

For now, I am surprised - and pleased - to report that I really don't have any cravings.  I get hungry when it is time to eat - but not starved.  And, I am pleasantly satisfied following a meal.  We have decided that because sugar and sweets have been completely eliminated from my diet, the foods that I eat are not those that make you want more.  I have changed my attitude towards food.  I now eat to sustain my body - not for the immense pleasure and comfort derived from the fatty, sweet foods that I once enjoyed so thoroughly.  There is nothing that gives me as much pleasure as the feeling of healthy recovery that I am experiencing with my success on program to this point.   Eating to live - not living to eat!



  1. I broke my diet the other day and pigged out on sweets. After I finished I realized I hadn't liked it much. So I agree with you that when you don't eat sweets you don't crave them much. I think I was working on old pleasures, not what I wanted at the moment.

    When you go to the fair, consider deciding ahead of time the one treat you will allow yourself. Also consider throwing half of it away.

    You are inspiring. Keep it up.

  2. Tough one, the fair is so tempting. Are there any foods you can eat as much of as you want? Like celery? I ask because you might want to carry some of those types of foods with you in a little bag or purse so that if temptation gets you you can reach inside your bag and chew on something that is allowed. Good luck!

  3. Or perhaps, to build on Malissa's idea. Is there a special "legal" treat, such as one of the candy bar thingys that you actually enjoy that you could pull out of your pocket instead of the dreaded celery?

    I also love the idea of allowing yourself one thing and committing to throwing away half of it - how empowering will that be!